CVS Clerk Tells Gunman She Needs to Check With Manager Before He Can Rob Store

An armed man walked into a Pompano Beach CVS, pointed the gun in clerk's face, and demanded she hand over the cash.

The clerk told the gunman she had to check with her manager first.

So, the gunman waited.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, the polite armed robbery exchange happened at the CVS at 850 W. Sample Road.

The gunman walked into the store wearing a dark hoodie, shorts, and a ball cap.

He walked directly to the counter where the woman was working the cash register and shoved his gun at her face.

The BSO says the woman told the gunman that before a transaction can take place, she had to check with the manager first.

So the gunman patiently waited, much like you do when the CVS clerk has to speak with the manager about how their shampoo isn't buy one, get one half-off, even though the catalog that came in the mail clearly said it is.

The manager eventually came over, and the clerk was able to open the register and give the suspect the money he had demanded while threatening her life.

She probably had to hit a specific button or something. She was probably new to the job, and the gunman was probably understanding of that.

She also had to assist the customer who had gotten there before the gunman and was purchasing something.

The gunman finally got his money and walked away with what the BSO called "hundreds of dollars."

Cops are asking anyone with information to call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

From the surveillance video footage, the suspect is a white or Hispanic male, wearing a black hoodie, black baggy shorts, and a black ball cap and is presumably super patient.

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