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Cyber Monday Targeted by at Least One Legislator for Not Helping to Create Jobs

Apparently the only argument coming out in favor or against any bill this session in the Florida Legislature is related to whether it creates jobs.

(See: dwarf tossing, ban on.)

Today, when people head to the interwebs to buy things at a price that doesn't require setting up a tent outside of Best Buy for a week, people at the Capitol will be shaking their fists.

Of course, it's the same proposed legislation that's been proposed in years past -- forcing online retailers to collect the state sales tax.

That's the bill proposed by Democratic Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda and Republican Sen. Evelyn Lynn, which sounds like one of those "new" taxes many are so vehemently opposed to, although the anti-Cyber Monday statement from Rehwinkel Vasilinda calls it a way to "provide online retailers a way to collect Florida sales tax in the same way that our small businesses do."

Instead of noting the revenue for the state -- which is said to be hundreds of millions of dollars -- it's all about the jobs, man.

"The unemployment rate is over 10%. We need to come together and get Floridians back to work by helping Florida businesses compete in this new economy," Rehwinkel Vasilinda says. "Gov. Scott has made job creation his number-one goal. In that spirit, I hope the governor will stand with us and support this legislation to help restore fairness to our economy and bring jobs to our state."

And more:

"In these difficult economic times, we must help Florida's small businesses put people back to work by leveling the playing field between them and online out-of-state retailers. These proposals are the most pro-business things we can do for Florida," she says. "We live and do business in a 21st-century economy. It is time Florida had a 21st-century tax code."

Gov. Scott has said in the past he wasn't too fond of the idea, although former Gov. Jeb Bush told him to take a look into it in that laundry load of emails he sent to him.

Here's your link to Lifehacker's list of some of the best Cyber Monday deals to skip out on that extra-tax/sleeping-in-a-tent crap.

You can also find all 152 pages of the proposed bill by clicking here.

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