Dalia Dippolito Lawyer Files for Retrial -- Not Going for Reality TV Defense This Time

The lawyer for Dalia Dippolito -- the escort who was found guilty of trying to hire an undercover cop to kill her husband -- has filed for a new trial, this time not to focus on the reality TV defense he tried last time around.

Her attorney, Michael Salnick, filed a request for a new trial yesterday, this time saying her ex-ex-lover Mohamed Shihadeh -- the one who turned her in to police, then got a DUI and was unavailable for the trial -- needs to give his testimony for a fair trial.

It's a little late for that.

During the trial, the issue of Shihadeh not being present was never brought up.

Now that she's been found guilty, Salnick's making a stink about it.

Salnick now calls Shihadeh "one of if not the most important witness in the case" and questions if the prosecution knew he wouldn't be available.

Shihadeh was never even supposed to show up to the trial either.

He told lawyers he was going to be in the Middle East during the trial, so he gave videotaped testimony that was shown to the jury.

Dippolito was found guilty by a jury of solicitation of first-degree murder last month. She is still in jail while she's waiting to be sentenced.

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