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Dalia Dippolito's Life as a Working Woman

She met her husband while working as a professional escort. But even after they married, Dalia Dippolito never completely gave up her past life.

According to phone records included in the the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office murder-for-hire case against Dalia, she was still texting male clients as recently as last July. In fact, she communicated with the men in between sending flirtatious messages to a former lover she had enlisted to help her bankrupt her new husband, Michael Dippolito.

The transcripts of her conversations, now public record, are almost as cringe-inducing as the previously released videos of her allegedly plotting to have her husband killed by a hit man.

"hey its michelleyes," she wrote to one client on July 2.

"Nice...lets meet up next week," he responded. "Question: can we forget the hourly...and go out for drinks...youre very hot but I like to know a person :)"

The men called her by a host of fake names: Kristina, Sofia, Adrian. One client wanted her to do a bachelor party. Another was eagerly expecting her to meet him at an address in Irvine, California, near where Dalia apparently used to live.

"How r u coming dressed?" the man asked on July 14. "I would love u in a real short skirt. Pink under if ok."

"Sure," Dalia wrote back. Then she never showed up for the appointment.

She was busy corresponding with her lover, Mike Stanley, who was planning to fly from California to West Palm Beach to visit her.

"cant wait," she texted Stanley. "ill cll you in a bit ur amazing"

"me too im excited like a little boy :) lol, " he responded.

Meanwhile, Dalia was also setting up work for other call girls.

"i emailed you pics of my friend," she wrote to one man on July 8.

"Does she know how to give head?" he asked.

"Yes," she texted.

"Have you got any better?? Lol," the man responded. "No pic yet?"

"U had it i sent it to u last week. the hot brunette."

Eventually, the escort messages tapered off. Dalia was too busy chatting with Stanley about ways to freeze Michael Dippolito's bank account or get him arrested. Plus, it's tough to be romantic when you're also receiving messages from guys named "wellhung kevin."

"who is this" Dalia asked an unknown person on July 14.

"wellhung kevin," he wrote back. "send me a pic of u n il send u pic of me."

Dalia ignored the man. Twenty minutes later, she wrote Stanley, "I love u baby."

"Infinity plus plus?...lol, i love u sweetheart," he responded.

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