Dalia Dippolito's "Love u" Texts to a Mystery Man

Eleven days before she was arrested for allegedly attempting to have her husband killed, Dalia Dippolito was exchanging romantic text messages with another man who was waiting for her to come visit him at a local Marriott.

The man, who has a California phone number, is identified only as "Mike" on his voice mail and didn't return the Juice's phone call seeking comment.

Mike's messages began on July 24, before he arrived in town. He and Dippolito, 27, who lives in Boynton Beach, were hoping to reunite soon.

"Im excited to see you," Mike wrote."Wish we were on the couch together, sure babe i love u..."

"Love u so much wish we were in the city lol," Dippolito responded.

"Yes baby...Dam anywhere together!"

The next day, Mike arrived at the Marriott and was impatient for Dippolito to visit.

"Babe?" Mike wrote on July 25.
"Give me a few," Dippolito wrote back.

She broke off the conversation to text someone else about her husband, Michael, having liposuction on his sides. Then she returned to Mike.

"Happy ur here I promise ill text u in a bit what r u doing."

"When will i see [you], wtf," Mike wrote.

But Dippolito wouldn't be nailed down on a time for their rendezvous.

"Soon I promise love u," she responded. About 50 minutes later, she asked him whether he would be having dinner with her mother.

"Im headn up there soon r u rakn my mom for dinner I never told her u were here."

Mike sounded frustrated. "Soon, when...! I haven't clld or anything."

Dippolito tried to smooth things over . "Don't get mad ill text u when I'm on my wy cll my mom and c if dinner works out when u were talking about ut last nite thought it was swet of u."

A few minutes later he tried to pin her down again."What will u be able to do spend an hour w me?"

"No grumpy," she wrote.

"What should I tell her, like 8? Sorry been a long boring day, I love u," Mike wrote.

"I love u. Yea tell her 8 just tell her ur here with work love u sooooo much," Dippolito texted.

"When will I see u?" he persisted.

"Hour and a half I'm trying to leave I want to c u badly."

It's not clear from the text messages if Dippolito ever made it to the Marriott. A Boynton Beach police detective got a warrant for her cell phone records on August 5, the same day she was arrested for allegedly hiring a hit man -- who was really an undercover cop -- to kill Michael Dippolito. Police staged a fake crime scene and told Dalia her husband was dead, watching her sob before revealing that she was accused of plotting against him.

A confidential informant, who, according to the Palm Beach Post, was an ex-lover of Dalia's, tipped off the police to her plan. But the "Mike" she was texting appears to be a different love interest.

Her text message transcripts were recently released to the public as part of hundreds of pages of court documents related to the criminal case accusing her of solicitation to commit murder. Dippolito has pleaded not guilty and is now under house arrest at her mother's home in Boynton Beach awaiting trial.

To read the transcript of Dippolito's text messages, click here.

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