Dalia Dippolito's Shopping Habits

There's been much speculation about the private life of Dalia Dippolito -- her lovers, her cosmetically-enhanced body, her lust for cash -- ever since she was arrested in August for allegedly plotting to have her husband killed.

According to the confidential informant who first alerted the Boynton Beach police to Dippolito's plans, her motivation was money. She wanted her husband Michael's townhouse and his cars, and she'd already "lost" approximately $200,000 of his money.

It's hard to know how much truth there is to these allegations, because Dalia isn't talking. She's under house arrest after pleading not guilty to solicitation to commit murder, and her lawyer isn't granting any interviews.

But her checking account information, recently made public in court documents, sheds some interesting light on her spending habits.One thing is clear: Dalia Dippolito spent generously to maintain her appearance.

She was a frequent customer at Raspberries, a Boca Raton salon that specializes in hair extensions. This June, she spent $670 there.

She dropped $135 at a Boynton tanning salon in April, and regularly visited other nail and spa stores.

Her taste in clothes was pricey -- she blew $1,255 at Lulu in Bal Harbour in one March visit, and spent $500 on a single Nordstrom visit in May.

And remember that March stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan, when Michael Dippolito told police that someone tried to plant drugs in his truck? Well, Dalia picked up the tab for that vacation as well. Total bill: $1,172.

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