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Dan Marino Appeared in a Hilarious Super Bowl Ad Last Night

Everything about last night's Super Bowl was pretty underwhelming. The pregame and halftime shows were forgettable. The game itself was putrid. And if you were just watching for the commercials, those were nothing special either. There doesn't seem to be a universal favorite among the disappointing bunch.

That is, unless you're a Dolphins fan. Then you definitely remember one. 

Dan Marino made an appearance in an ad for the Amazon Echo — a device that acts like a stand-alone Siri at home — and it was actually one of the better commercials of the night. The spot begins with a mix-and-match of celebrities dancing at a party to music blasting from an Echo — until Alec Baldwin abruptly asks Alexa (and an awkwardly dancing Marino) to stop. Baldwin leads everyone over to a darkened room where a surprise awaits and says, "Alexa, turn on the lights." Revealed is a stadium-themed Super Bowl-munchies buffet, which Marino is all about. He dives headfirst into it. 

That's where the ad gets personal. And funny. 

Marino hits a beeline straight to the wings but picks one up, looks at Baldwin, and says, "Breaded wings? You're blowing it, bro." Believable criticism coming from a man invested in Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza goodness.

Offended, Baldwin then asks Alexa, "How many championships has Marino won?"

Too soon, Baldwin! 

Marino quips back: "Alexa, how many Oscars has Alec Baldwin won?"

Both answers are zero, and the men agree to a draw. There are no winners here, only lots of snacks, and Missy Elliot... for some reason. 

Well played, Amazon. 

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