Dan Marino on Dolphins New Uniforms: "If You're Winning, It All Looks Good"

The Miami Dolphins officially unveiled their brand new uniforms and logo at a party in Sun Life Stadium on Thursday. At the event, which took place prior to the draft, classic and new uniforms clashed in an evolutionary showcase.

New Times was in attendance to find out what fans thought of the new uniforms and logo, but mainly to find out what the greatest Miami Dolphin thinks.

Dan Marino, aka The Right Arm of God, was on hand to help launch the new look. Does he think the uniform looks awesome? What about the new color scheme? Is it amazing, or what?

"I think it's fine," Dan Marino told New Times.

Well then. There you go.

(Photos after the jump.)

"I think I wore the original new one," Marino said. "The new one goes back to the original logo, and the colors. It's about looking forward"

Then he broke off from towing the company line because he's Dan Fucking Marino and said, "Look, bottom line is it's about winning. If you're winning, it all looks good."

Got that, New Dolphins?

But we prodded Marino a little more, asking him to admit -- just between us -- that the white uniforms with aqua-colored face mask and the orange undershirt sleeves that he wore in his day were just so much more badass than the Easter Sunday teal spewage these new uniforms are.

Marino just laughed and smacked us on the back.

The Dolphins, for their part, brought in the big guns to unveil the new look. Along with Marino, the Fins also asked Jason Taylor and Bob Griese to help unveil the new unis. The three of them donned the uniforms of their respective eras and were trotted on stage in front of a throng of rabid Fin fans before officially tealing up the joint with the new uniforms.

Unlike the reactions on the web, the fans at Sun Life seemed crazy enthusiastic about them.

"I love it!" said Alex, a salesman from Davie. "I think it signals a new era, you know? I think a fresh look is always good."

"At first I was like, mehhh I don't know," said Regina. "But now I'm looking at it and it's good. It's good. It's good."

"I think it's fucking awesome, man!" said Nick, a bearded, and somewhat inebriated, college student with a tattoo of the old logo on his right calf. Asked if he would get the new logo tatted on his other calf, Nick replied, "Nah."

Fans enthusiastically lined up to take a photo with the new Dolphins logo, freshly painted on the 50 yard line. Yes, they were very much excited about it. Yes, that's a Daunte Culpepper jersey.

Bob Griese was introduced on to the stage first, showing off the original 1966 uniform and logo.

The loudest ovation on the night would come for Marino.

Marino came out to thunderous applause wearing his era's uniform. His pants seemed to big and one of his socks was droopy, but he still looks amazeballs donning the Number 13.

Next up came Jason Taylor, donning the colors of the mid-1990s to 2012.

Awwww yeah, ladies....

And then, after some fire works and a shitload of smoke....

Second-year starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill, flanked by teammates Mike Pouncey, Brian Hartline, and Cameron Wake, revealed the new look.

Everybody went bananas. Fans cheered, players threw mini footballs at the crowd (Marino, for the record, still has a fucking canon for an arm), music blared and the evolution was complete.

We still think the new unis and logo are going to take some getting used to. And here's an excellent breakdown of the new logo and why it mostly sucks.

But, as Marino said, none of this matters unless there's winning. Until then, the Dolphins are just a perpetually 7-9 team with a new Easter suit.

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