Dan Marino Out at CBS; Could He Be Joining Dolphins?

CBS announced on Tuesday that former Miami Dolphin great Dan Marino will not be returning to do their Sunday pregame shows next season.

Marino, who had been with the network since 2002, is now apparently out of a job.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are in serious need of a makeover, following the Incognito-Martin fiasco, as well as in need of someone to be the franchise savior following the firing of general manager Jeff Ireland, and unpopular hiring of Dennis Hickey.

Let the speculation...... BEGIN!

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The reasons rumors of a Marino return to the Dolphins in a front office capacity is flying the internet now are plenty.

Ten years ago, Marino was hired as the Dolphins' senior vice president.

But soon the Hall of Famer realized that building a football team wasn't all that a fantastic thing to do for a living, so he bolted for the CBS gig.

But now that he's out of a job, and seeing how old pal and fellow Hall of Fame/ Class of '83 quarterback John Elway has had success running things in Denver, that rumor has reemerged among the media and Fins faithful.

Elway took over the job as the Bronco's head of football operations a few years ago, and his maneuvering helped Denver reach the Super Bowl this year.

Of course, he has Peyton Manning on his team. But, still.

Another big reason Marino to Miami is going to start percolating is because team owner Stephen Ross loves to bring in big names and make sexy splashes, even if it never leads anywhere.

Ross' first major hire was Bill Parcells, because Parcells inexplicably built himself a reputation for being a franchise savior.

Ross was also very aggressive in going after Jim Harbaugh before he signed on with the 49ers.

He also tried to hire Jeff Fisher, and went after Peyton Manning pretty aggressively.

Now Ross finds himself mired in the team's biggest scandal, not to mention the fact that the Dolphins have sucked for the better part of a decade, and haven't really been relevant since Marino played for them.

Of course, Marino knows squat about personnel and is probably not a great talent evaluator. And, more importantly, Marino doesn't have what his buddy Elway has.

Elway's quarterback is Peyton Manning.

Marino's quarterback would be the guy married to the lady who leaves giant-ass machine guns in the trunk of car rentals.

Still, getting Marino to join the team in any kind of capacity would be a huge PR boost for a team that sorely needs it.

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