Dan Rather Jumps Into the Everglades' Burmese Python Problem (VIDEO)

Want to see a guy get bit by a relatively huge and very pissed-off Burmese python?

If so, keep reading, because esteemed broadcast journalist Dan Rather has you covered.

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In tonight's episode of Dan Rather Reports on Axs TV, the veteran journo tackles the thorny issue of Burmese pythons in the Everglades. The media statement announcing the episode notes, "What started out as the innocent practice of releasing an unwanted house pet into the wild is now threatening to destroy the already fragile ecosystem of one of the nation's most majestic national parks."

Sure, snakes that can reach up to 20 feet in lengthy and grapple with alligators are gross. But whether they're going to single-handedly destroy the Everglades seems a bit dramatic.

Earlier this year, Scott Hardin of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who is a leading authority on Florida's invasive species, said the threat of Burmese pythons pales when compared with that of wild hogs.

The episode release also points to a recent study that suggested the pythons have annihilated mammal populations. That study, however, has been the source of controversy. Days after it was published, Hardin and other experts said the data were flawed and the paper should have never made it to the light of day.

Rather's show, which airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Axs TV, is sure to be a great look at that science and hype surrounding the snakes. Even if it's not, you'll still get to see a guy grab a huge python from the brush and get bitten.

Here's a preview:

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