Darius Butler Can Get Much, Much Higher Than You

With the NFL combine this weekend, 21-year-old future millionaires are gathering in Indianapolis, doing everything they can to get the right kind of attention. Darius Butler, a cornerback from Coral Springs who attended UConn, is impressing scouts with his superhuman ability to get high. Jump that is.

Not only does Butler say he can run the 40-yard dash in under 4.3 seconds; in interviews, he's telling people his vertical jump is "about 44, maybe 45" inches.

He's a confident young man.

It might have seemed like hype if not for this video evidence surfacing on YouTube. Here the five-foot-ten Butler gets high on the ten-foot rim at UConn.



You can decide if Butler is more impressive than Jarron Gilbert's standing leap out of a swimming pool.


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