Darwin Recalled

Three people killed and one critically injured overnight when a speeding Jaguar plunged off a State Road 84 ramp onto I-95. Comments under the Miami Herald brief:

"hope the survivor wasnt the driver so there will be one less idot in traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"This phenomena is called Natural Selection." (From Criminals Die).

"Free falling!!!!!!!!!!!" (From Tom Petty)

"The driver deserved it" (From AmeRican)

"This whole incident is very unfortunate. A Jaguar is a really nice car." (From Get Real)

"Cull the herd." (From Paco)

You know what's scary is that, after living for a while in this madhouse of urban sprawl, you probably had the same gut reaction, even if you won't admit it.

(By the way, anybody want to go to Hawaii?)


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