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Dave Hyde Strikes Again

-- The Sun-Sentinel's Community News section was at it again Sunday with a headline that belongs in the Hall of Fame of D'Uh: "Dry Weather Increases Risk of Brush Fires." This follows last week's headline about keeping children safe around pools: "Water-Safety Experts Say There's No Subsitute for Supervision."

Both are part of a silly Sentinel series called "On Alert," which puportedly "highlights public safety issues." Writing the series is Nicole T. Lesson, whose work also led to the memorable headline: "Report Unusual Activity."

Even if it only occurs in the Sun-Sentinel?

-- Sentinel sports columnist Dave Hyde provided more evidence in his a href="http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/sfl-hyde09apr09,0,5135873.column">column on Sunday that he is always, always wrong. You name a sports personality who has been around here -- Wayne Huizenga, Pudge Rodriguez, Dave Wannstedt, Dontrelle Willis -- and you can bet Hyde has been wrong about him. Time to add Tiger Woods to the list.

-- Finally, the most remarkable thing about Maucker's column on Buddy was its terseness. There even seemed to be a touch of anger in it, or at least a notable lack of sympathy for his now-former political reporter. Nothing about Buddy's years of service, his unmatched experience in Broward politics, all of that kind of thing. Just hardcore "Buddy screwed the newspaper over" stuff. It makes me wonder if the other part of the story — the fact that Nevins said at the GOP meeting the newspaper had a liberal bent and pointed to the numerous gays and lesbians working at the newspaper as evidence — wasn't also weighing on Maucker's mind. Or was he trying to assuage people inside the paper who felt that more drastic action -- aka termination -- should have been taken against Buddy?

There are a lot of rumors swirling out there about Maucker's lowering the hammer on Nevins -- and about Buddy's future in, or out, of the newspaper game. Might be interesting, yet.

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