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David Britto Reportedly Said He'd "Kill Himself" if He Had to Go to Jail

According to a sentencing memorandum submitted by lawyers of Janiber "Jane" Vieira -- the mother of fugitive/former Boynton Beach cop/alleged meth trafficker David Britto -- Britto talked about killing himself quite often.

Vieira, 51, took a plea deal last month to one count of conspiracy -- although she faced life in prison at the time of her arrest -- with a maximum prison sentence of five years.

Prison time doesn't look too likely for Vieira, but the documents filed pleading for a lower sentence give a bit of insight into how the relationship between her and her alleged meth-trafficking fugitive son.

According to the documents, Vieira "knows nothing about" her son's case, just that it had to do with drugs.

Britto, who faced life in prison on the meth-trafficking charge, apparently "dropped into deep depression," according to the filing, as he began taking meds, seeing a shrink, and "frequently spoke of suicide."

"Eventually, he begged her to buy a plane ticket for him to go to Brazil because he said if he had to go to jail, he would kill himself," the documents say.


Once we get the lawyer's spin on that statement, he writes, "This is how Janiber Vieira comes before the Court -- as a mother who loves her first-born son and saw no other choice to keep him alive."

As a quick reminder for anyone who hasn't followed the case, Britto's free to live the rest of his life in Brazil after jumping bond and having his mom buy a plane ticket.

The filing continues to blame Britto for all the events, which is way easier seeing as he's on another continent, as Vieira's lawyer argues the time she's spent in jail is already enough.

Around ten pages later, it goes back to talking about how she was pretty sure Britto was going to off himself.

"She saw her son become so distressed that he constantly spoke of suicide," the documents say. "He hardly ate anything, he cried constantly, he paced the house, he hardly slept at all -- and when he did, he had nightmares."

The filing says Vieira had to hide Britto's meds so he didn't overdose and had to follow him around everywhere he went. Again, it's mentioned that he'd probably kill himself if he went back to the slammer.

Then the personal letters supporting Vieira were attached to the documents, including a letter from Britto's stepfather that talked about Britto's two brothers -- both younger -- and asked the judge for a lenient sentence to "not let this destroy our family."

Her sentencing is scheduled for Monday.

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