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David Stern Called Hurricane Sandy "Katrina" Last Night Before Heat Game

Lost in the hoopla that was the amazeballs that was the Miami Heat championship ring and banner pregame ceremony was NBA Commissioner David Stern taking a moment to remember the victims of the recent storm that hit the North Atlantic by calling it Hurricane Katrina.

"Before we begin, I know that everyone here and around America watching has, in their thoughts and their abiding concerns," Stern said to the American Airlines Arena crowd,  "those who were affected by the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath."

At this, the entire arena began to shout "SANDY!" at the commish, but he kept on talking and never corrected himself, probably because 30,000 people yelling randomly at you can be a tad incoherent.

Stern kept going, saying, "That said, we have a celebration tonight. And so, congratulations to Micky Arison and the Arison family. Congratulations to Pat Riley and the entire organization. Congratulations to Eric Spoelstra and the entire coaching staff. Congratulations to the resilient, passionate, teamwork-oriented, dedicated, second-time-champion Miami Heat players. And congratulations to the Miami Heat fans of South Florida and Miami Heat fans all over the world. Let's give out the rings."

Hurry up and watch the video below before Stern's attorneys and minions take it down!

A great speech completely ignored because everyone still had their thoughts and prayers about a storm that hit seven years ago.

An obvious misstep, made more obvious by the fact that Twitter blew up after the gaff and that Heat owner Micky Arison was standing right next to Stern and never bothered to lean over and be all, Psst. I think you meant SANDY, bro.

Stern wasn't the only one to call a well-known thing by the wrong name, however.

During his postgame interview with TNT, the Miami Heat's Ray Allen called James Jones "James Johnson" as he acknowledged his new teammates.


Kudos to the Heat fans trying to correct Stern. And kudos to Stern for remembering to take the time to remember those affected by Hurricane Charlie.

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