Davie Police Officer Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Foot

A Davie police officer was hanging out at Geronimos Bar & Grill, located at 3528 S. University Drive, on Saturday night when the .380 caliber Glock in his pocket accidentally discharged, shooting him in the foot.

The officer, Maiker Sanchez, 36, was not on duty at the time and was having dinner with a party that included other officers from Davie as well as from the Miami-Dade Police force. Sanchez's wife and two daughters were also with him when he shot himself.

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According to the incident report, Sanchez says he thinks the ring on his key chain may have hooked onto the weapon's trigger, causing it to fire. Sanchez reportedly keeps the gun in his hip pocket.

The report says Sanchez was preparing to leave the restaurant when the incident occurred. One of the other officers who was at the dinner was walking out of the restaurant when he said he heard a pop. When he turned, he saw Sanchez sprawled on the ground, his foot covered in blood.

Sanchez was rushed by Davie Fire Rescue to Memorial Hospital in Pembroke, where he was treated and released.

The report says Sanchez suffered a bullet wound that ran through his right foot. He also reportedly suffered a burn to his right thigh.

He is recovering at home.

Police say there were no other injuries and don't believe alcohol played a role in the shooting.

Back in May, Sanchez made news when he and several fellow Davie officers had violated the department's "no malingering" policy when they took time off at the same time.

According to an internal affairs investigation, Sanchez and five other officers were caught hanging out at La Placita restaurant, located at 6700 Stirling Road. Department policy prohibits four or more officers to gather in the same area at the same time. The policy was put in place to keep officers from congregating while on duty and thus neglecting to do their job.

The report says a Davie resident walked into the café and saw the on-duty officers hanging out and talking about sports. The resident reported the officers to the Davie department.

According to the report, Sanchez was one of two officers who received a harsher penalty for the violation -- three-day suspensions without pay -- because he had gotten in trouble for a previous, undisclosed incident and was subject to "progressive discipline."

Sanchez is not facing any disciplinary action for shooting himself in the foot.

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