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D.C. Talker: Don't Upset Charlie Crist's Children!

Washington, D.C., morning talker Doug McKelway is outraged at Outrage.

In the following video spot, McKelway, of Newschannel 8, lashes out at Mike Rodgers, a gay activist and blogger who has been exposing antigay politicians who are secretly gay. Rodgers is in the documentary film Outrage, which is about the hypocrisy of secretly gay politicians, most of them Republicans. 

McKelway is having none of it. He immediately tears into Rodgers like one of those 6-year-olds who ducks his head and goes into a fight like a windmill. Of course he hadn't seen the film yet, but that doesn't slow him down. At one point, McKelway says he wants to take Rodgers "out back and punch him in the face." In another place, as if to assure us of his ignorance, McKelway worries what reporting about Charlie Crist's sexuality will do to the Florida governor's "children" (Crist of course has no kids, at least that he admits to). Then McKelway goes off on a strange red herring about former West Palm Beach Republican congressman and page-perv Mark Foley. Here's the clip:



I tell you, McKelway may have made himself a bit of a national joke with this performance, but I have to give him some props for going that far on morning television. Haven't seen anything half that entertaining or compelling on the WSFL show yet.

I am really starting to think this film is going to be good (especially after an insipid review in the New York Press identified me as a "gay political blogger,"-- my wife was pretty surprised, but we talked it out). Outrage opens in Fort Lauderdale at the Gateway 4 next Friday, May 15.

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