Dead Body Found on Road; Cops Arrest Three Suspects

The body of a  22-year-old man was found in the middle of the road in Delray early this morning, and now cops say they have three people in custody.

Responding to a call, Delray police discovered the body of Dustin Deckard in the 1100 block of SW Tenth Street at 12:36 this morning.

According police spokesperson Nicole Guerriero, a 911 call reported a possible vehicle that was involved in the incident.

Not long after that, Boynton Beach police saw the reported vehicle on Congress Avenue and pulled it over. 

The three males in the car, Colson Sherman, 22, Kevin Sammiel, 27, and Thomas Byrd, 22, were all arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Deckard had apparently been shot during a robbery, according to detectives.

According to Guerriero, the three suspects have a combined 55 felony charges (with only four convictions), as well as 42 misdemeanor charges with only two convictions.

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