Dead Body Found Outside Hallandale Beach Auto Parts Store, Two Being Questioned by Police

A dead body was found behind the Advance Auto Parts store along the 100 block of North Federal Highway in Hallandale this morning.

Two teens -- a 14 and 17-year-old -- were taken away by police for questioning.

Police were called in at 4:30 a.m. about an altercation going down behind the auto parts store. When cops arrived on the scene, they spotted the two two teens standing over a man who was on the ground. When the teens spotted the police, they took off running.

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The two were quickly caught, according to Hallandale Police Chief Dwayne Fluornoy.

The incident occurred north of Hallandale Beach Boulevard along Federal Highway.

Most of northeast 1st court, as well as the store itself, was sealed off with crime scene tape this morning. The body, identified as the man the teens were seen standing over, lay next to stacked cardboard boxes and covered in a tarp. Paramedics on the scene found the man unresponsive. According to police, the injuries on the body were consistent with being beat up.

According to the Miami Herald, there was a laptop involved in the incident.

A witness who lives in Mickey's Mobile Home and RV Park, which is not far from the auto parts store, claims to have heard screaming just before dawn.

For the time being, the two teens are just being questioned. Further details of the ongoing investigation are still pending.

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