Dear Rick Scott's Mom: Thanks, and Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Esther Scott,
Last year, when your son was running for governor, your lovely, white-haired mug appeared on television screens frequently in Florida. You told your fellow citizens how you raised little Rick in public housing, and he grew up, bought a doughnut shop, and "gave his mom a job."

"He's a good boy," you said. "He'll get Florida back to work."

Many, many people believed you.

Now, little Rick has been in office for five months, and you must be so proud! Your little boy has made it clear he cares more about selling his chain of health care clinics than shutting down the pill mills that are killing many of our citizens.

He turned back the clock on voting rights, returning Florida to Jim Crow-era laws that discriminate against African-Americans.

He's slicing the salaries of teachers while giving tax breaks to corporations. All this, while the state's legions of laid-off workers collect some of the tiniest unemployment checks in the country.

In conclusion, Mrs. Scott, thank you for all you've done. We really do appreciate you giving the world Rick Scott.

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Lisa Rab
Contact: Lisa Rab