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Death Threats Meant for George Zimmerman Actually Going to a Winter Park Woman

"We're going to kill you; we're going to get you. Watch your back," an unidentified person told Winter Park resident Lori Tankel over the phone.

Only the threats weren't meant for her. They were meant for George Zimmerman.

And the threatening phone calls have been nonstop since a jury acquitted Zimmerman of shooting and killing Trayvon Martin.

The reason Tankel keeps getting these calls? The threatening party keeps dialing the wrong number.

WFTV ABC News-9 in Orlando reports that Tankel's phone number is one digit off from the line Zimmerman used to make his now-infamous 911 call on the night he shot Martin.

The phone number had been shown throughout the trial.

And now, some angry person keeps misdialing and getting Tankel instead and, more than scaring her, is just harassing the shit out of her.

"My phone just started to blow up. Phone call after phone call, multiple phone calls," Tankel told WFTV.

She also showed them a call log of the more than 100 threats she's gotten since the jury made its verdict.

Tankel has notified authorities but has gotten a tepid response. The Seminole County Sheriff's Office told her it gets an average of 400 death threats a minute on social media sites.

We're not entirely sure what that has to do with a woman being threatened by an unknown person who inexplicably thinks a middle-aged woman is actually George Zimmerman.

But Tankel is being forced to change her number, while feeling like someone is getting away with harassment and death threats because they don't know how to use a dial pad on a phone.

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