Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets Rebuke from Medical Marijuana Donor John Morgan

Last year, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz took a decidedly un-progressive stance against Florida's medical marijuana amendment. In a statement she said that Amendment 2 was "too broad" and borrowed talking-points from noted anti-medical marijuana voices such as Attorney General Pam Bondi, comparing the legalization of medical cannabis to the pill-mill epidemic.

This drew criticism from within her own part as well as John Morgan, the Orland-based lawyer that has donated big money to the cause of medical marijuana and has been United for Care's biggest benefactor.

But earlier this week, Wasserman Schultz reportedly sent Morgan an email, telling him she would change her mind about medical marijuana if he publicly took back the criticism he's lobbed her way. Morgan not only said no, he leaked the email to Politico. And he's calling her out on Twitter.

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Morgan, who calls Wasserman Schultz a bully, said he decided to leak the emails to show how "thin-skinned" Wasserman Schultz's and her political machination is, Politico reports.

At the time of her original anti-marijuana remarks, Morgan said Wasserman Schultz was "despised and irrelevant."

National Press Secretary for the Democratic Party Mike Czin also released a statement concerning Wasserman Schultz's comments back in 2014, saying, "She was speaking as a mom and a member of congress on her personal concerns on a local issue. The Democratic National Committee has not taken an official position on this ballot initiative. We leave it to the good people of Florida to make that decision."

"She is a bully," Morgan told Politico. "I beat bullies up for a living."

Morgan has since taken to Twitter to continue his public rebuke of Wasserman Schultz and her proposal to meet in the middle, while promoting the new push to pass medical marijuana legalization in Florida.

Moreover, Marc Caputo says Morgan claims there's something bigger at play.

Meanwhile, Wasserman Shultz is refuting Morgan's claims of offering to change her position is false.

A message left by New Times to Wasserman Schultz's office has yet to be returned.

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