Debbie Wasserman Schultz Named as Head of DNC Again by Obama

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a pretty big deal. She helped Democrats expand their majority in the Senate, which in and of itself was a task. And she helped Obama win Florida in November, which is almost impossible.

But because she did these things, the POTUS announced Tuesday that he wants Wasserman Schultz to stay on as party chairwoman.

"One thousand events later -- in 31 states and 170 cities across the country -- Debbie has followed through on that promise and then some," Obama said about Wasserman Shultz coming through with a promise to outwork the GOPers during the election cycle.

Obama has asked DNC members to make his nomination of Wasserman Schultz official at the next meeting, on January 22, after his second inauguration.

"She has managed to juggle three incredibly important jobs at the same time," Obama said. "Leading our party to victory and helping deliver her critical home state of Florida; fighting for America's women, service members and middle-class families in the halls of Congress; and being an amazing mother to her three young children."

The challenge for Wasserman Schultz, who was elected to the new District 23, which is  mostly Broward County and that included two-thirds of her old District 20, will be to balance her role as party chair and her role as an elected official.

But it would appear that Obama ain't care about that.

"As you know, Debbie is no stranger to triumph," the Prez said. "She's the youngest woman ever to have been elected to the Florida state Legislature, she became the first Jewish woman to represent Florida in Congress, and just a few years ago, she stared down breast cancer and came out on top."

She defeated breast cancer, then she helped defeat the GOPers. 

Not too shabby.

Also, there's apparently a popular Google search called "debbie wasserman schultz hot."

So there's that too.

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