Debbie Wasserman Schultz: No Talk of Charlie Crist Getting a Cabinet Position in New Obama Administration

Charlie Crist, who jetted all over the state and nation in the days and weeks before Election Day, is not in line to snare any Cabinet positions in a new Obama administration -- at least, not that Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has heard.

Sorry, Charlie. Can't get no love.

The DNC chairperson and indefatigable talking head, who's become a close adviser to the president and helped shape his populist and middle-class campaign strategy, said Charlie Crist helped the president win Florida not because he wanted anything in return but because he felt it was the right thing to do. Besides, she told New Times in an interview, "The president certainly doesn't ask people to do things quid pro quo."

While we admire Wasserman Schultz's dedication to message and impatience for circuitous, rambling questions -- which we made the mistake of asking -- we're not sure we can take her seriously on this one.

Charlie Crist didn't do all of that work for nothing, and he has to be expecting something in return. Whether it's help in orchestrating a gubernatorial run in 2014 or maybe a plush -- and otherwise inconsequential -- Cabinet position, it's got to be something. Isn't that what Cabinet positions are for these days? To reward politicians for their help?

But for the national Dems to throw Crist any kind of help in a prospective governor run, two things need to happen, Wasserman Schulz said. First he actually has to declare he's a Democrat (he's still independent), and two, he needs to win a primary against other Democrats. Which, knowing the field (Alex Sink? The Fort Lauderdale mayor?), shouldn't be too difficult.

Wasserman Schultz wasn't buying that either.

"We have a very deep bench in Florida of qualified Democrat leaders," she said, dismissing that Crist would either trounce Sink in a primary for governor or that he's even a Democrat.

But didn't he just campaign for the president, a man he now apparently "loves," and doesn't that make him a Democrat?

"He has not indicated that he's prepared to become a Democrat," she said. "He's focused on advancing the president's agenda."

OK, we give up. Charlie Crist is not a Democrat, he's not running for governor, and he's not getting a Cabinet position.

Stay tuned: This most definitely will could change any day.

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