Debra Villegas Faces Decade-Plus in Prison

She entered a guilty plea to charges that she assisted Scott Rothstein in a massive Ponzi scheme, and now it looks like a federal judge will be throwing the book at Debra Villegas. A presentencing report cited in a recent filing by Villegas attorney Robert Stickney suggests that probation officials want her to serve more than the maximum ten-year sentence for the money-laundering conspiracy charge.

It's not clear how much more. Villegas will be sentenced October 8 -- not quite a year since Rothstein's Ponzi scheme imploded. That's relatively speedy justice. Now the question is why federal prosecutors have been so slow to make their case against other potential culprits in the Rothstein fraud.

For more background, check out Lisa Rab's feature about Villegas from last April.

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