Deerfield Beach Mayor Jean Robb Totally Freaks Out at City Commission Meeting

Rare is the day that we see a video that makes us sound the newsroom conch and gather every reporter within earshot -- but Thursday was a such a day.

At Tuesday's city commission meeting, Deerfield Mayor Jean Robb -- who's embroiled in controversy over alleged lapses in ethics -- succumbed to a holy-mother-of-God-make-for-the-hills-we're-all-going-to-die meltdown.

It was awesome.

"I never demanded him to hire anybody!" Robb hollered, waggling a finger, then pounding the table, as if Jack Nicholson had somehow taken control of this 81-year-old woman's body -- and he just wanted the goddamn truth.

"And what he's told you is an absolute lie!" kvetched Robb, who was was elected into office three months ago, but served a lengthy term in office years ago. "In my 13 years as mayor and my recent election, I have never had anyone talk to me in that manner."

What's all the fuss about?

According to the Sun Sentinel, Robb engaged in some recent nepotism, "demanding" that Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel hire a BSO volunteer reserve firefighter, Curtis Hightower. Hightower had left a position with Deerfield Beach two years ago.

"She was very abrupt, got right to the point," Israel told the Sentinel. "She said, 'I'm expecting to have Curtis Hightower's name as a firefighter about to be hired on my desk in 10 days.'"

Robb, to say the least, disagreed with that recollection, according to this video snagged and edited by local blogger Chaz Stevens.

Israel "was ranting and raving," charged Robb at the meeting, a look of bafflement crossing her face. "I didn't even get a chance to say the kid's name! I said I'm sorry I called you."

"It's absolute lie!" she continued, exclusively referring to Israel as that man. "I never got a chance to finish the first sentence!"

(Let it be known: Little is more embarrassing than trying to be corrupt, and failing.)

"I've never been spoken to as that man spoke to me," Robb said, vowing that she'll never speak with Israel again.

Then, the climax: "I did not ask him to hire ANYBODY."

*Throws the mic*

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