Deerfield Beach Wants More Records From Charity Linked to Vice Mayor

The firm conducting an audit of Deerfield Beach's dealings with nonprofit agencies has taken a keen interest in the Westside Deerfield Businessmen Association, a charity whose executive director chairs the city's planning and zoning board and whose president is the daughter of Vice Mayor Sylvia Poitier.

On Tuesday, City Attorney Andy Maurodis sent a letter to WDBA at the request of the auditor, asking for reams of tax files, receipts, and correspondence. Chaz Stevens posted the letter on his site, here. Not all of those records are public. Then again, if WDBA has nothing to hide and wants to clear its name, it will deliver those records to City Hall by week's end, so the auditor can move on to other business.


if WDBA does have something to hide, then that letter from Maurodis will go in the trash (like Maurodis' letters to another charity, Arlington Park Family), leaving the city little choice but to file a lawsuit -- or wait for criminal charges to be filed and the subpoena power that comes with them.

For more about WDBA, check out this post from last month.

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