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Deerfield Memos: Former Mayor Threw a Fit at Clerk's Office, Dropped a "You People" Line

Memos from the city clerk's office in Deerfield Beach accuse former Mayor Jean Robb throwing a fit in their office last week, tossing some insults and expletives and even dropping a "you people" line on employees.

The memos, obtained by city activist Chaz Stevens, describe Robb coming into the clerk's office on the afternoon of November 2 to submit petitions for the Unfair Rescind Taxes Committee -- which fell short a few thousand signatures to force a referendum on the city's new utility tax.

A memo penned by Heather Montemayor, an administrative employee at the clerk's office, describes what happened:

"She was extremely hostile from the beginning; referring to us and our department as 'you people' and also referring to our department as 'dumb' and 'stupid.'"

When reached by phone, Montemayor declined to comment on what she believed Robb meant by "you people," although it should be noted that several of the employees in the clerk's office are African-American.

Montemayor's memo also describes that as City Clerk Ada Graham-Johnson walked from the counter to her office, Robb said, "That's right, go hide in your office, bitch."

Graham-Johnson requested that Robb repeat what she had just said, to which Robb replied, "I said go and hide in your office" -- leaving out the "bitch" part, according to the memo.

Graham-Johnson explained to Robb that they were trying to help her, and after doing what Robb asked her to do, Robb left.

"This is not the first time we have had an issue with Mrs. Robb," Montemayor writes. "The past few times she has been up here she has been very hostile and extremely hard to deal with. She is also very hostile when she calls our office, making it EXTREMELY difficult to even pick up her phone call. Mrs. Robb shows absolutely NO respect to our office and I find her to be very offensive, especially to Mrs. Ada Graham-Johnson."

Quintella Tross, another administrative worker in the clerk's office, described several of the same details in her memo.

"...I witnessed Ada Graham-Johnson, City Clerk, and Samantha Gillyard, Deputy Clerk, being verbally abused by Ms. Robb. She continuously referenced to them and our office as 'you people,' calling us stupid, dumb, and incompetent; she also told Ada to 'go hide in your office, BITCH,' saying it twice," Tross' memo states.

Tross wrote that Robb was still mumbling vulgar things on her way out the door, accusing the office of giving her an incorrect map.

"She has made it uncomfortable to assist her at the counter or via telephone in the past few weeks," she said.

Both memos were sent to City Manager Burgess Hanson, and Montemayor tells the Pulp neither he nor anyone else in the office could comment on the situation.

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