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DeGroot On King Ken

John DeGroot, who used to work as a top aide for Sheriff Ken Jenne, provides the following piece to the Pulp on the federal investigation that is expected to end within a week. While I'm hearing from sources that King Ken is destined for an indictment, DeGroot doesn't see justice coming.

But what, really, would be justice for Jenne? I'm not sure, but here's DeGroot's latest:

Like the fools awaiting Godot, the Sun-Sentinel today reported the imminent possibility that the US Department of Justice lawyers may soon determine the fate of Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne, who – after ten years in office --is easily one of the most investigated law enforcement officials in Florida history.

In other words, to paraphrase the Sun-Sentinel coverage of the Federal probe into Jenne’s public and private dealings, the tragic-comedy may end its four-year run and climax this month -- at a cost of untold thousands of staff-hours, obese legal fees and millions of tax dollars.

And how will “Ken’s Story” climax before the curtain falls?

Most likely, with

damn little legal Bang followed by a Mega Dose of taxpayer whimper.

In short, what all of the many on-going investigations will have produced will prove to be little more than a wet fart.

Naturally, it’s reason to expect a bit of tongue-clucking and finger-shaking on the part of the poor Federal Grand Jury which has been forced to endure more bullshit than a Chicago stockyard.

But beyond this….?


It’s not that I’m a craven cynic.

Rather, I’ve lived long enough in the political Oz of Broward to know what goes on with the power brokers hiding behind the curtain.

And the fact is, the behind-the-curtain folks who run Broward can ill afford the political shit storm that would be spawned by Ken Jenne charged with crimes and brought to public trial.

Like once in the courtroom, God knows who else might get slimed with shit in the People VS Jenne.

Grasp this simple reality and you’ll understand Broward State Attorney Mike Satz spineless history of protecting the public from public officials run amuck.

Don’t get me wrong.

I ain’t no legal scholar.

But I have sadly come to believe Jacob Needleman was dead bang on when he observed how the jabberwocky of legal fine print has replaced personal ethics in modern America.

In other words, as a non-lawyer, I’ve no idea if Jenne violated the six point letter of the law and (and God knows what previous arcane legal rulings) with his private business dealings --- to say nothing of his using his secretaries as “beards” for a under-the-table loan from one of his vendors.

Maybe he broke the law. Maybe he didn’t..

I doubt if we’ll ever know.


The one thing I do know is that Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne is guilty as hell of felonious sleaze.

No matter how or when the tragic-comedy starring one of Broward’s most powerful politicians comes to a whimpering end – we’ll be left with a nickel-dime version of Nixon’s Great Escape.

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