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Delray Beach Cop Charged With Domestic Abuse, Battery

Roldry Philia, a 34-year-old Delray Beach Police officer, was arrested late last night on charges of beating his wife. The probable cause affidavit released by the Boynton Beach Police Department does not mention the name of Philia's wife, just that she's 24 years old. She told police that she'd been fighting with Philia all day, that he'd taken her cell phone, locked her out of the house in the garage and slammed a door on her arm.

In the affidavit Philia's wife claims that as the fight escalated, Philia placed her in a headlock, then put a gun to her head, saying that "she was not leaving with 'his' daughter. A 6-year-old son and the 11-month old daughter witnessed the altercation, according to the report.


Boynton police interviewed the son, who corroborated the mother's story, saying Philia pointed a gun at "my mommy's face and mouth."

Philia told police that he'd been arguing with his wife about her having pawned her wedding ring and that he'd locked her in the garage to keep her from leaving in his vehicle. He denied pointing a gun at his wife. He says that she threatened him with a knife.

Police found a red mark on the left side of the wife's neck. The two have lived together for about three years.

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