Delray Beach PD Quiet on Info About PBSO Deputy Who Killed Son, Urges Public to Wait for Facts

Update: All of the posts related to the Shatara shooting on the Delray Beach Police Department's Facebook page have been removed. But we have inserted screenshots of those now-missing posts in the story below.

Almost a week after off-duty PBSO Deputy Shatara K. Shatara shot and killed his 21-year-old son, the Delray Beach Police Department is still not releasing much information, but it would like the public to "have an open mind" and judge "only when you have all of the facts."

The Delray Beach PD is currently investigating the shooting death of Khamis Shatara, which occurred the morning of Christmas Eve at the deputy's Delray Beach apartment. Deputy Shatara was detained after the shooting, but Delray Beach PD spokesperson Sgt. Nicole Guerriero tells New Times that she is not able to tell us how long he was detained or even if he is still in custody. She has also ignored our request for an incident report of the deadly shooting.

"I don't know if you realize this, but there was a holiday this week," Guerriero wrote in an email, adding: "I am not obligated to give you more than what is outlined in Florida State Statute."

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Gossip Extra blogger Jose Lambiet interviewed a cousin of Khamis, who says Deputy Shatara was released without charges shortly after being detained.

PBSO spokesperson Teri Barbera says Deputy Shatara is on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

Last week, New Times pointed out that information about the shooting -- which was a domestic dispute and not in the line of duty -- doesn't appear to be coming out as quickly as other cases involving nonpolice people. It took until two days after the shooting just for the name of Deputy Shatara to be released. Meanwhile, the Delray Beach PD has continued to post mug shots and details of arrests on its website.

However, the Delray Beach PD insists it's not using a double standard when it comes to releasing information.

"This case is being investigated and information is being released as it would be in any other case, despite what some media outlets are saying," the department wrote on its Facebook page, which also contains numerous mug shots and arrest details of people not yet convicted of crimes.

But one commenter didn't buy it.

"If this cop who killed his own kid was a normal citizen you guys would have thrown him in a cage to await trial," wrote Ed Kimock.

Although the Delray Beach PD hasn't been able to answer New Times' questions due to the holidays, it answered Kimock, chastising him for being critical of police and telling him he doesn't know enough about the shooting:

We'll update when those facts are released.

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