Atlantic Avenue in downtown Delray Beach.
Atlantic Avenue in downtown Delray Beach.
Photo by Oskar Aanmoen via Wikipedia Commons

Delray Cops Handing Out $64.50 Jaywalking Tickets on Atlantic Avenue

The "Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow" campaign started by the Florida Department of Transportation is looking to curb pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities and injuries throughout the state. The campaign focuses on making sure people are alert and cautious when crossing the roads.

And police in Delray Beach are going full throttle with the campaign, handing out $64.50 fines for pedestrians caught jaywalking. According to Walkable West Palm Beach, the Police Department has secured a state grant to pay for officers' overtime pay and, the site says, cops are taking advantage by heading over to one of the most pedestrian-heavy areas of Delray, Atlantic Avenue, and handing out tickets.

According to the FDOT, however, 2011 saw Florida pedestrian fatality rates were nearly double the national average, while bicycle fatality rates were nearly triple the national average. At the time, Palm Beach ranked fifth in pedestrian fatalities and third in injuries.

Delray Beach is in the top 25 percent of cities for pedestrian-involved fatalities and injuries in Florida.

Moreover, according to data obtained by the FDOT Crash Analysis Reporting, pedestrian crashes and fatalities happen more frequently at mid block locations -- the part where there is no crosswalk. The second-highest location for pedestrian crashes is at intersections, mainly due to left-turning maneuvers and right-turn-on-red maneuvers.

WPTV says that police are handing out jaywalking tickets all over Delray but are focusing mainly on five specific roadways: Lake Ida Road, Linton Boulevard, Federal Highway, A1A, and the aforementioned Atlantic Avenue.

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