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Democrats Honor Criminally Charged Politico With "Emeritus" Position

The Kings Point Condos have long been a tumor on Broward County's body politic. 

The Democratic-voter-packed condo complex for the elderly is in the heart of Tamarac -- and Tamarac, of course, is a nest of bribe takers that has recently become the corruption capital of not only Broward but also perhaps America itself. 

​​Running the political racket at Kings Point is its Democratic Club -- a group that has turned willful ignorance into an art form and continues to back the bad old guard even after it has been implicated in the State Attorney's ongoing corruption investigation. 

The club's former president, Marc Sultanof, is one of the politicians who was criminally charged in the investigation involving dirty developers Bruce and Shawn Chait. Another longtime club leader, Diane Glasser, admitted to taking cash from the developers while she was running campaigns in the town.

These are the people who greet the likes of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton when they come to town. These heavyweights kowtow to the club -- along with gubernatorial candidates and members of Congress -- in hopes of snaring the thousands of dependable Democratic votes Kings Point brings. 

The club dutifully backed criminally charged former Mayor Beth Talabisco and Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad too. But the club isn't reforming -- it's digging in its heels. The scary part is that it's just a symptom of the ethical bankruptcy of the Democratic Party in Broward under lobbyist Mitch Ceasar, who not coincidentally got his political start in Tamarac. 

Inside, see which would-be future felon the club recently appointed "President Emeritus." 

If you guessed that it was Sultanof, you're right. The club -- after he was hit with bribery charges -- named him "President Emeritus." 

Sultanof's new position, according to a complaint filed by indefatigable Tamarac activist Patti Lynn, was made possible by a motion made by Broward DEC member and Fort Lauderdale Democratic Club Vice President Percy Johnson, a longtime loyal soldier in the Ceasar political mob. 

I asked Kings Point Democratic Club Treasurer Hubie Klomberg about it, and he said he supported it because Sultanof has been involved so long and has been a good friend of his. But he claimed the club was still going in a "new direction." 

Klomberg said Sultanof didn't want to step down as president after the criminal charges came down. 

"There was some difficulty," said Klomberg. "[Sultanof] was affiliated with the club for 25 years, but we thought it would be best. We took it upon ourselves and convinced him to step aside." 

I asked him what he thought of the recent troubles of the club's political darlings, Stacy Ritter. 

"There's nothing wrong with Stacy Ritter," said Klomberg. "We support her." 

I asked him if he knew about the ties of her lobbyist husband, Russ Klenet, to Ponzi schemer Joel Steinger. He said he wasn't aware. I didn't even get to the Chait investigation or the state election charges. 

"I don't want to hear this," he said. "I don't know anything about Stacy Ritter's business." 

I told him that was the problem and one of the reasons his club was a laughingstock. His business as a Democratic leader was to know who it was he was pushing the condo drones to support with their votes. Klomberg said again that he didn't want to hear it and hung up the phone. 

And so the beat goes on.

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