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Dems Can't Dis

Man, what a lame crop of Rush Limbaugh insults the national Democrats have selected as their finalists in the West Palm Beach billboard of hate campaign.

"Americans Didn't Vote for a Rush to Failure"
Limbaugh will just say, "Well, a vote for Obama was the quickest way to failure, so technically you did." Next.
"Hope and Change Cannot Be Rush'd."
Can we just agree not to use the name "Rush" in pun form? I mean, if this were merely the headline in some quick blog post, that would be one thing, but this is a freakin' billboard! This crack must have staying power.
"Failure Is Not an Option for America's Future"
Thank you for your contribution, Sen. Kerry. Move along now.
"We Can Fix America. Just Don't Rush It."
See, now you're just talking to voters. The point here is to conjure an insult that inflicts lifelong shame and inadequacy on a single specific man, or did I not understand the assignment?
"Rush: Say 'Yes' to America."
What does that even mean?

Maybe I'm just bitter that my submissions were totally ignored. Admittedly, they were a touch racy, which is why I've put them after the jump.

1. "Hey, Tubby. At least we can see our Stimulus Package." (Include picture of Limbaugh's bloated face.)

2. Do a bit of research, then use the billboard space to print the name of every man that Limbaugh's fiance has slept with. If there's still room (doubtful), also list the names of the men who have slept with his three ex-wives. It could be like the Vietnam Wall -- except instead of dead soldiers you've got guys who basically screwed Rush Limbaugh, almost.

3. The chick on the right, full frontal. Then some creepy-ass line like, "I'm not always conservative." A great big sucker punch to the libido before Rush goes on the air.

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