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Dennis Rodman Is Going to the Vatican to Meet the New Pope, Now

When former Chicago Bull/children's book author Dennis Rodman went to North Korea to hang out with Kim Jong Un a couple of weeks ago, he got into trouble with the Obama administration, got the CIA on his case, and almost inadvertently started World War III, maybe.

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So what's Rodman's next move as Unofficial Ambassador of WTF to the United States?

He's apparently gonna go hang out with the soon-to-be new pope at the Vatican.


Rodman is reportedly heading to Rome on Tuesday and says his people have been in contact with the Vatican about a meeting with the new pontiff, although it's very likely that they were just talking to a couple of teenaged Italian kids who want to meet Rodman.

Rodman is using his clout as Jong Un's BFF to keep meeting with random world leaders and doing stuff with them.

"I want to be anywhere in the world that I'm needed," he told TMZ.

"I want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world."

Rodman caught a basketball game with Jong Un and called him a "friend for life," so now he's going to try to do something similar with whoever the new pope will be.

Of course, as we pointed out, Jong Un kind of lost his shit days after this meeting and began making nuclear threats at everyone, although it's very possible that Jong Un thought Rodman was Barack Obama and that's what ultimately set him off.

Either way, we suppose it's a nice way for Rodman to stay in the public eye. We've spotted him many times at our local Starbucks in Aventura, and he looked bored and in need of a hobby.

Meeting with world leaders and possibly ushering in armageddon is as good a hobby for a retired professional athlete as any, we guess.

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