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Dennis Rodman Is Now Off to... Bulgaria??

For Dennis Rodman, there's only location on this green planet that could possibly follow up North Korea, the Vatican, and New York City -- and that's Bulgaria.

After a few quiet days with his daughter in South Florida, his spokesperson said, he's landed in Bulgaria and will take the rest of the week to star in the Bulgarian reality-TV show The Mole.

And is this awesome? It is.

In 2004, Dennis Rodman netted $220,000 after he defeated every other celebrity contestant on the American incarnation of The Mole. Now, a decade later, Bulgarian media is atwitter with the idea that Dennis Rodman will star on the first-ever Bulgarian The Mole.

Thankfully, the BG Daily News, which provides us with the Bulgarian news we need -- in English! -- is hot on the story.

It's reporting that, following "long negotiations" and "unlike other celebrities," Dennis Rodman has not "brought any special claims for his participation in the show," referring to his entourage as "modest."

Unfortunately BG Daily News says it couldn't get the inside scoop on the "clauses in [Rodman's] contract." The news outlet remains confident, however, that "pizza and sea bass in salt are two dishes that will be available to the athlete at any time."

There's more news yet.

Rodman was in Bulgaria last year as well, BGDN says. "He tried various traditional Bulgarian foods and drinks," we're informed. "He was most impressed by the Shoppe salad, but he [did] not combine it with rakia."

Never go light on the rakia.

After consuming the Shoppe salad, Rodman ventured out to peruse the nightlife of Sofia, the inland capital of Bulgaria. Evidently, however, "Dennis Rodman did not like pop-folk music that is heard in various clubs in Sofia, and specifically requested that no such rhythms in the Base."

Despite that mild faux pas, Bulgarian producers expressed confidence that Rodman means big things to Bulgaria. "He will change the whole concept of the Bulgarian audience for reality TV," gushed one producer named Ivan. "We ourselves do not know what to expect from him, but we are convinced that his appearance in the database will provoke our home stars."

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