Dennis Rodman's Friendship With Kim Jong-un Being Made Into a Comedy Movie

The Sting, 48 Hours, The Odd Couple, Dumb & Dumber. Apparently 20th Century Fox thinks the friendship between Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un are on par with these classic buddy comedies, because someone, somewhere actually pitched this as a movie and someone, somewhere actually gave the project the green light.

Yep. The Rodman-Jon-un bromance is seriously going to be made into a move by Fox.

Yep. After countless reboots, remakes and endless sequels, Hollywood has finally officially run out of ideas.

Tim Story, the man that brought the world the Fantastic Four movies and seminal classic Ride Along, is set to direct Diplomats, a comedy based on Rodman's travels to North Korea and his unlikely friendship with that nation's dictator.

Because an oppressive and murderous regime always makes for a hilarious premise!


From the Hollywood Reporter:

Peter Chernin, hot off the hit Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy comedy The Heat, is producing via his Fox-based shingle Chernin Entertainment. Jonathan Abrams is writing the script.

Rodman somehow nudged his way into the good graces of Kim Jong Un as the Unofficial Ambassador of WTF! to the United States and has visited North Korea three times in the past year.

On his first visit to North Korea last February, Rodman caught a basketball game with Kim Jong Un and called him a "friend for life."

Of course, Jong Un kind of lost his shit just days after that first meeting and began making nuclear threats at everyone. He evidently eventually calmed down and just stuck to smaller, more manageable acts of evil, such as having his own uncle executed.

HA. HA. Have your own uncle murdered because he did things that made you mad. HI-LARIOUS.

In his third and most recent trip to North Korea, Rodman brought former NBAers with him to join the super terrific happy times with North Korea's dictator, including Vin Baker, Cliff Robinson, Eric "Sleepy" Floyd, Doug Christie, Charles Smith, and Kenny Anderson.

During this third outing, Rodman famously flipped out during a live televised interview on CNN when anchor Chris Cuomo pressed the former NBA player on all the criticism and backlash he's received for palling around with a murderous dictator.

Rodman later blamed his tirade on booze.

There's no telling what kind of movie Diplomats will be, of course. If done right, we suppose it could make for a fine satire.

But with anything Rodman does, the jokes sort of just write themselves.

Although we think it would work better as a situational sitcom where Rodman and Kim were roommates.

Rodman: Who ate all my Mallomars?

Jong-un: (facing window while sitting in his dictator chair): Whaaaaa?

Rodman: I had a box full of Mallomars. Now more than half the box is gone! Did you eat my Malomars?

Jong-un: Maybe it was Sleepy Floyd?

Sleepy Floyd: Man, don't even involve me (keeps playing on the PlayStation)

Rodman: Jongy-eeee!

Jung-un (turns around, has chocolate stains all over mouth and face, shrugs): Sorry homie brotherrrrrr!

[laugh track]

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