Depressed Palm Beach County Wants New P.R. Campaign

The Palm Beach County commissioners voted this week to spend $3 million on a new advertising campaign to boost tourism. Meanwhile, in totally unrelated news, The Business Insider, an online publication, named West Palm Beach one of the most depressing places in America. Yes, thanks to the condo bust, this slice of paradise has joined the wrist-slitting ranks of Detroit and Wichita.

So what can the debt-ridden, corruption-laden county do to change its image? Here are a few new slogan suggestions for the county that claims to have "the best of everything."

  • Palm Beach County: Come for the beach. Stay for the bribes
  • Welcome home. May we offer you a bond underwriting deal?
  • Special Limited-Time Offer: Buy one West Palm condo, get 465 others free!
  • Palm Beach: We've got Bernie Madoff's Pants!

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