Derek Medina, Miami Man Who Confessed To Wife's Murder on Facebook, Has Bizarre YouTube Videos

Derek Medina, who allegedly killed his wife in South Miami and posted pictures of her corpse on Facebook, has an unhinged and strange YouTube footprint, according to a survey of the 143 videos he's uploaded.

They range from showing Medina singing a Bill Withers' song in the car, to Googling his own name, to Medina entering a lengthy and philosophical monologue about the meaning of the word "rad."

Taken together, they paint a very bizarre portrait of a man who's accused of killing his wife, confessing to the crime, and posting an unspeakably horrific photograph on Facebook.

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The videos are from as recent as yesterday.

And others show personal images of Medina's family, including scenes with his grandmother and his wife, Jennifer Alfonso.

Many of them relate to his book collection. He's apparently written six e-books, many of them with unusual titles. This video promotes one his books, "If The World Ended Today How Would You React To Saving The World Or Helping The World Or Would It All Be Over For You"

Perhaps the most disturbing of all, however, is a video of Medina playing the video game Black Ops. While he plays the game, a woman in the backgrounds says, "You shot me. You shot me."

You can find his full selection of videos here.

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