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Derek Shaeffer Identified by Police as the Guy Who Tried to Rob a Burger King With a Sock

Well, the guy police believe tried to rob a Stock Island Burger King in early November by stuffing his hand in a sock and telling people it was a gun has been arrested.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says 38-year-old Derek Shaeffer is its guy, and he was transferred back to Monroe County last night after being arrested on a warrant for the burglary in Miami-Dade County.

Employees at the fast-food joint told police on November 6 that a guy came in around 8:30 p.m. wearing shorts, no shirt -- unless that was the piece of cloth wrapped around his head -- a brown sock on his left hand, and a plastic bag on the other.

Instead of going up to the register and doing a sock-puppet show for the employees, he tried to explain that his sock-covered hand was a gun and gave the store manager the bag, demanding he throw all the cash in there.

The manager said sure and told sock-man he had to go get the key.

Instead, sock-man ran away, stumbling and knocking over a display in the restaurant on his way out the door.

The sheriff's office says one of its deputies recognized Shaeffer from the restaurant's surveillance footage.

An employee also picked Shaeffer out of a photo lineup.

Shaeffer was booked into the Monroe County Jail, where his bond was set at $300,000 on two charges.

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