Details Released in Overnight Standoff in Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale police have named Michael Nunn, 44, as the man who was the basis for a SWAT team standoff that began late last night and ended early this morning.

According to a department news release, Nunn had been in his room all day while his roommates were preparing to go out for the evening. Before they left, they heard gunshots coming from Nunn's bedroom. One errant gunshot grazed the foot of a roommate, John Haurin, 39.

Debris from the shootings struck another roommate, Richard Genna. Nunn's third roommate, Tony Sirago, was struck in the upper leg by one of the rounds allegedly fired by Nunn. Genna and Haurin left the residence on Southwest 18th Avenue. Sirago, whose injury was not life-threatening, stayed behind, locking himself in his bedroom door while police negotiated with Nunn.

The police news release indicates that Nunn was taken to Broward General Medical Center for evaluation and that none of the three roommates was targeted by him. The roommates declined to press charges.


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