"Hey! How 'bout a little privacy over here!"
"Hey! How 'bout a little privacy over here!"
Flickr: Robin McMorran

Deuces Wild! "Litter Kwitter" the Hottest Product at Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket, the national pet supply store based in Sunrise, is reporting that a device for teaching cats to use human toilets is among its biggest sellers. The Litter Kwitter uses color-coded "training disks" to condition a cat to perform its dirty deeds in a most discreet fashion, by crouching over the toilet seat. Just like you do!

Truly, a revolutionary product. And the mind reels at the other applications for these ingenious training disks. For instance, is there a set that might be useful in teaching Broward County politicians to not defecate in their own county? If so, that would do wonders for the overpowering stench of corruption that pervades city halls and county office buildings.

To see the Litter Kwitter in action, click on over to the jump, where you'll see that even "Lucky, the three-legged cat" can learn to drop a deuce with deadly accuracy.


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