Developer Proves We're Still Better Than Detroit, Peephole Reveals Quotation 'Problem'

There's one constant in America when things are looking down: we can always say that at least we're not in Detroit. But now the city famous for having whole blocks of city streets full of empty buildings has enticed a South Florida developer to go north and escape the Mad Max-like local real estate market. Luke Investments of West Palm Beach has partnered with a Detroit businessman to buy a building that used to be owned by the Detroit Free Press, which, if I've got this straight, is now being printed in Internet pop-up ad form only.

This is the second time Luke Investments has earned headlines. Last time, it was for evicting a building full of tenants after buying a Pinellas County condo building in an auction. The 900 tenants say they never got warning that they were being kicked out. So hold on a second, downtrodden Floridians, because Luke Investments just might help Detroit suck that much harder.

After the jump, let's all head to the Quality Inn Hollywood for a snowbirds peep show!

Peephole Reveals Something Weird, Police 'Say'

A couple from Denver say the peephole in their Quality Inn hotel room was reversed overnight. Cops are investigating, and it's unclear if the couple was "into it" or "turned on" or "hoped someone was walking by" and happened to look in the peephole "while they were going all the way." And, yes, I may have totally "added quotation marks" where they "don't belong."

Runner Reminds Us That We're Better Than Them

A 63-year-old prostate cancer survivor will run 100 miles starting in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday. Bob Becker says he'll run for 24 to 26 hours straight to bring awareness to cancer, but I think we all know that it also brings awareness to the fact that you'd get totally mugged if you did this in Detroit.

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