Devery Broox, "Mentor" of Young Boy, Allegedly Abused the Kid and Posted Video on YouTube

Devery Broox, 25, was supposed to be the mentor of a 7-year-old Orlando boy.

Instead, Broox allegedly beat and abused the boy, then decided to post a video of his "mentor" abilities on YouTube -- which included erratically shaving the boy's hair, putting him through "boot camp," and allegedly slapping the boy repeatedly off-camera.

According to a police report, someone who saw the YouTube video online called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the cops started investigating in late September.

The video, almost eight minutes long, starts off with some scrolling text that talks about the number of black men in jail, then cuts to Broox -- with a belt hanging around his neck -- talking to the boy, who appears to be sitting in a bathroom.

It starts with text that says "Step 1: Investigation," as he's talking to the boy about acting up in school.

Then he went on to "Step 2: The removal of SWAG," and proceeded to shave the boy's head in a ridiculous fashion. During this, he says, "After I finish whooping your ass, we gonna work out like we just came out of boot camp."

That was followed by "Step 3: Beat Dat ASS!!!" in which Broox told the boy to "drop your pants," as they moved off-camera. A cop wrote in the report he could hear a slapping noise as the child began to cry and scream, and Broox said to the boy "moves your motherfucking hand" as the boy screamed "It hurts!"

At that point, there's another cut in the video where the boy is outside, and by now, his head -- and eyebrows -- are completely shaven off as Broox instructs the boy to run some sprints and do some other exercises.

Soon after the video was discovered by authorities, the Department of Children and Families found out the identities of Broox and the boy and paid the boy's family a visit.

Both the boy and the mother told investigators that scarring on the boy's body were from a bicycle accident, although a doctor confirmed his findings were "positive" for physical abuse with a flexible object like a belt, according to police.

After talking to the boy again, he confirmed to a DCF investigator that Broox had whipped him with a belt, the report says, and that Broox had told him to lie to investigators so he didn't have to go to jail.

When Broox voluntarily went to the Orlando Police headquarters, he told the cops that his references to "beating" and "whipping" the boy in the video meant physical exercise, not actually harming him. Police say Broox told them the off-camera portion of the video was "staged" and that he never hurt the boy.

Cops consulted a doctor one more time, and he confirmed that the boy's most recent wounds were likely caused around the same time Broox told police he made the video, the report says.

Broox was booked into the Orange County Jail on one count of felony child abuse but has since posted bond.

The video appears to have been deleted from YouTube, although other websites managed to capture it:

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