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Diana Nyad Ends Her Quest To Swim From Cuba to Florida

Marathon swimmer, 62-year old Diana Nyad, has attempted to swim from Cuba to Florida four times because she's vastly more badass that you are. 

Nyad first tried to cross the Florida Straights in 1978 when she was 28-year-old. 

Back then, she swam inside a steel shark cage. She ended her quest after 42 hours of swimming.

She attempted the same swim without the shark cage twice last summer, maybe because it would motivate her to swim faster (that's the only reason we'd swim in open waters without a shark cage). But asthma and jellyfish stings forced her to end her swim early.

So she attempted the swim again this year, and was expected to reach the Keys this morning, before being slowed down by a storm

Nyad was attempting to be the first person to make the treacherous swim without a shark cage. But a bad storm and more jellyfish stings not only slowed her down but, according to her website, has forced her to yet again cut her 103-mile quest short.

Damn you, jellyfish! Damn you all to hell!

Nyad has been training for three years to accomplish her goal and was escorted by a support team in boats and kayaks. To keep sharks at bay, the crew had an apparatus in the water that would generate a faint electric field that is not noticeable to humans, but supposedly keeps sharks away, which we think would make sharks angrier because that's a douche-move. But, hey, science!

Nyad also had a team who's sole purpose was to spot sharks and then jump into the water to distract them.

Ultimately, the doctors that were part of the team deemed Nyad too exhausted to continue. No doubt she'll be back to try again,

"What should I do, quit?" Nyad reportedly said last summer after she had to quit her second try. "That's not me, I'm not a quitter. I'm not going to quit until I stand on the shore in Florida."

So don't be surprised if she takes another wack at it.

The shark-distractor people will probably be all, "Ah shit, you've got to be kidding me!" But Nyad is a determined woman.

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