Did 101 Cantina Shut Down?

101 Cantina in Boca Raton has made consistent headlines since it was revealed there have been 98 arrests at the joint since it opened last June.

Of those arrests, 78 were for underaged drinking -- and many included great debauchery: peeing on curbs, punching police in the back, and taking off panties.

But after a number of FAU students tweeted yesterday using #RIPcantina, it appears the popular college bar may be no longer.

Yesterday afternoon, Twitter lit up with message after message from FAU students lamenting the demise of 101 Cantina:

101 Cantina, according to its site and signs plastered on its building, opens daily at 4 p.m., but calls yesterday at 4:14 and 4:56 p.m. went unanswered, with minutes of ringing. A call to 101 Management Group, which owns Cantina, was answered at 4:25 p.m. The voice on the other end claimed to not know about any rumors of the place closing and said, "They should answer the phone. They open at 4."

The doors to 101 Cantina were shut and locked when a reporter checked yesterday at 4:35 p.m., the chairs outside stacked atop one another. A subsequent call to 101 Management Group at 5:25 p.m. was sent immediately to voicemail.

A call to Ryan Prodesky, vice president of marketing for 101 Management Group, also went unanswered; however, Prodesky told New Times last week that he was unsure what the restaurant could do to curtail arrests, given that scanners were already in place.

"I attribute it to, you know, people that want to break the law are breaking the law, I guess," he said. "We do everything within our power to attempt to prevent it, but when someone comes in with a fake ID that can fool the scanners we have in place, it's really tough to police that."

Update: The twitter account for 101 Cantina's Boca Raton location sent out a few tweets last night that hint at a temporary closing:

However, 101 Cantina's official website has removed Boca Raton from its list of locations.

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