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Did Ben Carson Say He's Open to Using Drone Strikes on American Soil to Protect the Border?

Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon and Florida's other presidential hopeful, may have told an audience at a rally Wednesday that he is open to drone strikes on U.S. soil to protect the border. Carson appeared in front of thousands at a rally in Phoenix, where he touched on topics such as following God and healing the country. 

Carson also addressed the immigration issue and supposedly one-upped Donald Trump's idea of building a wall on the Mexican border. 

According to Dennis Welch, who was covering the rally for KTVK-TV Phoenix, Carson seemed to suggest that he'd be OK with drone strikes on U.S. soil to protect the borders.

However, some tweeted Welch and said his report was inaccurate.

In response, Welch tweeted:

The question seems to be Carson discussing drone surveillance on the border, which most agree he did talk about at the rally. But Welch seems to indicate Carson meant that he would protect the border with drones by any means necessary. 

It should be noted that Carson is no stranger to saying bombastic things, which is why his saying that he'd be all right with drone strikes on U.S. soil is plausible. 

In the past, the West Palm Beach native has compared Obamacare to slavery, compared gay marriage to bestiality, and once said American society was not unlike Nazi Germany

Carson has also called President Obama a "psychopath" and said that homosexuality is a choice and that prison rape is proof of that.

In Phoenix on Wednesday, Carson said, “Rounding up 11 million people and deporting them, you know it may sound good to some people, but that’s not pragmatic."

Whether Carson said what Welch says he did will have to wait until video evidence surfaces.

But at least one conservative site is already defending Carson — just in case it turns out the report is accurate.

From Red State:

If we see an armed drug gangster crossing the border, we have two options: wait until they’re on our side of the border and stop them, or venture into Mexico and grab them there. Once you consider that, then it’s clear Ben Carson is talking about the right thing. Getting them here is vastly preferable to committing what could be considered acts of war against Mexico.

During the rally on Wednesday, Carson pointed out that Trump's plan for immigration would cost up to $200 million, something Carson says the country cannot afford. 

"We’re borrowing money from China in order to give it to Pakistan," Carson said via "That doesn’t make any sense."

Carson's thinking is, while he'd like to close off the border, it still extends all the way around the U.S. He also offered up a solution that would put undocumented immigrants on a guest-worker program that would have them paying taxes and a back-tax penalty until they became legal in the U.S. 

While Carson remains a long shot, he still has a rabid number of followers and supporters. In June, Carson won the Western Conservative Summit’s Republican presidential straw poll in Denver. A crowd of his supporters flash-mobbed that convention when 150 members of the Young Conservative Leaders began a choreographed dance and celebration for Carson.

And, according to, Carson drew a larger crowd at his Phoenix rally on Wednesday than Donald Trump did back in July. 

Carson was scheduled to tour the Arizona border following his rally. 

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