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Dirtiest Campaign Season Ever?

Let's get the weekend started right with a little political parody from Reason Magazine.

But first, the Miami Herald rather hilariously linked the porn (NSFW) site for Capri Anderson, who was Charlie Sheen's escort for his latest drunken coke-fueled fiasco. (NSFW=Not Safe For Work). To rehash: Sheen, the highest paid man on TV ($1.25 million per Two and Half Men episode), totally lost it when he lost his $150,000 watch and believed Capri had filched it. The watch is still missing and Capri has taken the notoriety to the bank. 

And I don't know, but this whole U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell "one night stand" story in Gawker may be the crappiest piece of journalism ever done. It's bringing in the hits by the truckload, though. One problem: It wasn't even a one-night stand. False advertising. The fatal flaw: It's based on the idea that O'Donnell is a hypocrite but proves the opposite. It manages to insult O'Donnell while also showing that she is true to her "born-again virgin" principles.  

Inside see the television ads based on actual statements made by polical opponents of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams that make today's ads seem tame by comparison (and there was no internet back then either, kidzzz).  

Classics: "Hideous, hermaphroditical character with neither the force and firmness of a man nor the gentleness or sensibility of a woman" and "Son of a Half-breed Indian squaw raised on hoe-cakes."  

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