Do Florida Democrats Have Nefarious Plans to Win Elections by Running Phony Tea Party Candidates?

It sounds like the sort of diabolically genius plot that usually comes from Republicans, but there's reason to wonder whether Florida Democrats have conspired to put tea party candidates on ballots in hopes that it will siphon votes from leading Republican candidates.

Chief suspect: Fire-breathing liberal Alan Grayson, the Orlando Democrat whose health-care histrionics have led him into a tough reelection race. Roll Call notes that a woman running in his race as a Florida Tea Party candidate was previously working for Grayson as a pollster.

Talking Points Memo points out that the Florida Tea Party has been railing about this conspiracy (among many, many others) for some time. Who would've imagined that even one of those conspiracies could be true? And does this mean Obama was born in Kenya?

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Thomas Francis