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Do Wii Have A Story?

The Palm Beach Post has a front-page story this morning on Nintendo's new Wii video game system that may or may not have much worth. Reporter Pat Beall explores complaints on the Internet that the system's hand-held device has been flying out of people's hands while playing and breaking household items, most prominently television sets. The evidence comes from a website that is full of pictures and testimony from those who claim to have suffered cracked items. Kind of an interesting story, but dubious for the front page, since there's almost no doubt that even if the testimony is true, this isn't exactly a colossal problem. Writes Beall:

Some items posted on, a well-known technology site, all but sneer at the notion that Wiimotes are turning into winged wonders. Alex Parus, who works at a KB Games store off of Lantana Road - and one of the fortunate few who own a Wii - is among the doubters. "I did my own test," Parus says. "I put the wrist strap on, and then I threw my arm as hard as I could." Nothing happened. "Unless people are damaging it somehow, I don't see how it could break."

But hey, those kids the newspaper business needs so badly are crazy about video games, so it must deserve valuable newspaper real estate.

After the jump: South Florida Remembers Larry King, Carlton Moore Won't Shut Up, Riviera Activist Sabotaged and Please, Give The Kid His Damn Blankets

--I'm not big on the New York Post's Page 6, but a recent item on the gossip sheet seems to be of special interest for long-time South Floridians. It summarizes a book by Joann Biondi titled Miami Beach Memories, especially as it pertains to Larry King's dark days in the Sunshine State, when, as the Post puts it, he was "boozily struggling with gambling debts and angry creditors."

It includes a litany of locals who were stiffed by King, whose deadbeat ways are legendary in these parts. My favorite anecdote comes from a banker named Jack Courson: "He borrowed money from my father and never paid it back. He called me once and said, 'Hey Jack, how much did I owe your father?' I told him it was $5,000. I thought he was planning to pay it back. But no, he was filing for bankruptcy and wanted to tally up his debts."

Yes, he's a bastard. But he's an arrogant bastard, give him that.

-- The Sun-Sentinel reports that Fort Lauderdale's most famous deadbeat driver, Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Carlton Moore, is alleging his Sunday citation for driving on a suspended license was the result of a conspiracy. "It is my belief that the [Fraternal Order of Police] used its private eye and public equipment to run a background check on me, that in running that, they found I had a suspended license."

Then they engaged BSO for the traffic stop, apparently, as retaliation for his questioning the police shootings off Sistrunk last week. Look, I don't put anything past the FOP -- it's a ruthless org that isn't above such shenanigans. But Moore has no damn facts, which means he's just shooting off at the mouth. One of the few things he seems to be good at.

-- Riviera Beach activist Fane Lozman, who has been battling city hall at ever turn, was driving his new Dodge truck Monday when he realized he could barely steer the thing. Guess what? His power steering and air-conditioning lines had been cut -- apparently intentionally. Lozman, who lives in a houseboat at the Riviera Beach Municipal Marina, is in the middle of an eviction battle with the city and was recently arrested at City Hall for calling out corruption by city officials at a commission meeting. But the Pulp isn't making any inferences from that regarding the sabotage of his truck. Lozman is also battling some fellow lodgers at the marina. Just think it's worth documenting publicly. This could turn into the South Florida version of the Clue board game. "The houseboat captain did it with the wire cutters ...".

Peter Andrew Bosch/Miami Herald

-- The Miami Herald's Carol Marbin Miller cuts through the bureaucracy to again show how stupid and heartless it truly can be. This time it's the disabled 12-year-old kid pictured here who needs thermal blankets to keep him warm and able to function. The blankets would cost the state $360 a year, but instead of providing them, the damn bureaucrats are spending thousands of dollars to fight the request. Yes, and guess who has conducted the litigation: Charlie Crist's Attorney General's Office. You know, the same guy who calls himself the people's governor.

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